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           How It Works


You don't have to be home to send or receive delivery                 

     Home Delivery                               Dropbox          



Home Delivery
with a Sudzee bag and/or Sudzee hook

1. Register

First time users register online.
Select a plan that works best for you. 
You will receive an email confirmation and setup instructions.  

Check out our service area.

2. Load. Lock. Leave.

Upon receipt of the Sudzee bag.
Simply LOAD items in the Sudzee Bag.   
LOCK it to any permanent structure by your front door. 
If none is available, we can provide you with our low profile Sudzee hook that you    place on your door to which you can lock the Sudzee bag. 


3. Text / Call / Email.

When your bag is locked outside for pickup.
TEXT (415) 997-8393 or
EMAIL sudzee@sudzee.com or
CALL (415) 997-8393

4. Relax, go Play.

You're done!
You will be notified when your laundry has been picked up.  You will also be notified when laundry/dry cleaning has been returned.

If you want to receive delivery at your office, convenience store or elsewhere, we can help to set this up.

 ***Not just for your clothes. 
The Sudzee bag and Sudzee hook can be used with all kinds of packages delivered to your door.  Gadgets from Amazon.  Games from ebay.  Fruits from the organic store.  Packages from mom.  Call Sudzee at 415-997-8393 to learn more.



Dropbox / Pickup (open daily, secure, convenient)

1. Fill out forms.

Sudzee Bag customers can just lock their bags to the Sudzone rack at the front of the laundromat.

New customers?
Fill out the dropbox form and put a form in each laundry bag to be dropped off.  You will be asked to create your own 4-digit lock code to be used for your pickup (#4).
Please provide us with credit card information. You can also register online simply click on here 

Customers can place their laundry in any plastic bag (additional bags can be found by the drop box).  You can use any personal laundry bag, as well.

***Get a Sudzee bag and get additional discount.
Call Sudzee at 415-997-8393 to learn more.

2.    Drop it.

Drop laundry in Hassle-free dropbox.  The dropbox is checked daily. We always try to have your laundry by the next day.  We try to return dry cleaning between 48 to 72 hours.  We do not have regular staffing during the weekends and laundry may take longer.

CALL / TEXT (415) 997-8393
EMAIL sudzee@sudzee.com 

3.  Get notified.
When your laundry is ready to be picked up, we notify you via eMail, text or with a phone call. 

4.  Get it.

You can pickup your laundry after notification anytime from 7am to 9pm at the Sudzone pickup rack.  Simply unlock the bag with your 4-digit lock code and take out your clean laundry.



       First time customer?
       Sign up. It's free

      Existing Customer?
     Request pickup


"...  Convenient drop-box and nice system for pickup I use my own PIN to unlock my laundry for pickup."

"... They care about customers, and listen to suggestions.
They care about customers, and get it right."

"...This place is great!  ... The customer service could not be better. "



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